In advance of our upcoming meeting please provide us a little information on your overall Conferencing Strategy.

It will help us tailor our presentation.
What types of conferencing services do you currently use? *

How many users do you have currently? *

How many minutes a month do you use currently?
(hint: it’s on your invoice) *

How often are you adding or removing users? *

On the Web Conferencing front... How many user licences do you have?

What platform are you using currently? *

What do you want to improve the most about your overall collaboration program? *

What add-on services do you utilize or have access to from your current vendor?

We promised to assess your program and see if you are getting the best value for your dollar. To do that, we need some information on your current rate structure.

How do you pay for conferencing services? *

What is your rate per minute?

What is your per user rate?

That's okay, it's easy to figure out!
How much do you pay per month?

Thanks so much for sharing.
We look forward to chatting shortly.

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